Our Aging Market Grand Forum

OAM 2023

Held May 18, 2023

on the campus of MIT

Harvard Business School Association of Boston (HBSAB) in coordination with the MIT Press, hosted the Our Aging Market Grand Forum to discuss how businesses can successfully address the aging market. The Grand Forum brought together industry experts to discuss how the changing senior market is driving wealth transfer and changes in the workforce and spurring new technology. 

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2023 Speakers

Breakout Speakers

The Changing Workforce Dynamic

Understanding the evolving role of older workers in today's economy

Panelists from throughout the country will share their insights to discuss various ways in which seniors are redefining retirement and continuing to contribute to the workforce. They will explore the benefits and challenges of hiring and retaining older workers, including their experience, knowledge, and work ethic. They will also discuss the changing expectations and preferences of older workers, such as flexible schedules, work-from-home options, and opportunities for continued learning and development.

In addition, the panelists will share best practices and strategies for creating an age-friendly workplace, including the opportunities for intergenerational mentoring programs and initiatives to combat age discrimination. They will also discuss the potential economic and social benefits of an aging workforce, such as increased productivity, reduced healthcare costs, and greater social cohesion.


How seniors are changing the expectations of the Great Wealth Transfer 

The Wealth panel at the Our Aging Market conference will focus on where money is going. Is it being spent? Inherited? The panel will consist of a diverse group of experts who will provide valuable insights and perspectives on this issue.

The panelists will discuss the various challenges and opportunities associated with wealth transfer, including the impact of changing demographics on wealth transfer, such as the rise of blended families, longer life expectancies, and increasing wealth inequality.

In addition, the panelists will share best practices and strategies for ensuring a smooth and successful wealth transfer, such as effective communication, building trust, and incorporating philanthropic goals into estate planning. They will also discuss the role of technology in facilitating wealth transfer, including online tools and platforms that can streamline the process and increase transparency.

How Seniors Are Driving Technology Developments 

The aging market is an important demographic that has been often overlooked by technology companies. However, this is rapidly changing as the population ages and older adults are looking for solutions to improve their quality of life. The aging population is growing rapidly, and the stakes are high. Technology has tremendous potential to help mitigate these challenges by providing innovative and effective solutions. 

At our panel discussion, we will cover topics such as how technology can empower seniors to live independently and increase their social connectedness, as well as the latest innovations in healthcare technology and how they can improve the quality of life for aging adults and the role of policymakers and government agencies in promoting the use of technology for aging populations. The panel will discuss the latest trends and emerging technologies, share insights and success stories, and explore the policy implications of this important issue.

Join the conversation on the future of the aging market.

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